Monday, November 17, 2014

Not Shutting Out the Goodbyes

This morning my heart is so full. I made a commitment to myself not to shut out the goodbyes. Not to speed past or ignore them but to really let myself feel it.

A few days ago we said goodbye to our Maz community. How blessed we have been to be taken in and loved in such a way.

Yesterday we said goodbye to our precious Dailes. Literally feels like cutting off a limb. AND I'm so full of joy because we have had these wonderful years together and God has provided for her for amazing future. 

Last night we had the most amazing time of prayer and fellowship with our missionary friends, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude for each of these couples and how they have been a family to us for 7 years here in Zambia. These bonds will be forever! 

So as I get up this morning and get my family ready to get on a plane, I'm signing off with a grateful heart full of thanks for all that God has done and all the amazing people He has used. We do not leave here disillusioned and burned out, but joyful and even more confident that He who began a good work in all of us will be faithful to complete it as we all follow Him. America, here we come.


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