Thursday, October 16, 2014

1 month and counting

Grammy and Mimi arrived yesterday, which has officially kicked off our one month countdown in Zambia. Yesterday, we also said goodbye to Luke who is traveling back to the States for a couple of months. Seeing family come and close friends leave has started to make this move seem all the more real!

We have a lot to do over the next month. Today, Kerri and I began packing and weighing our first few bags. Hopefully we can fit our home into all of the checked luggage that we will be allowed to carry back. It's definitely a faith stretcher to what seems to be starting all over again.

We're also busy trying to finishing up a few things with the ministry and building Dailes' home. All this to say, please continue to pray for us.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Blessing Dailes

CLICK HERE to view video

Dailes Zimba has been with us for all 7 years of our time in Zambia.  She has been working for missionaries for the past 10 years.  One of the things that Kerri and I have been praying about is how to help Dailes going forward so that she can be freed up to do what she really loves, which is ministry to other widows and orphans.

As we prayed about it, we felt like it was time to have a place of her own.  Dailes has never had a place to call home.  She has been forced to pay rent and live in areas of Lusaka that were neither safe nor clean.  A few months ago, after deciding to give her her own place, someone graciously donated the funds that have helped us purchase a plot and begin construction.

We have the funds for the foundation, walls and roof.  But need some additional help with the following:

Plumbing - $1,350
Electricity - $900
Cement Floor - $1,470
Plastering - $1,280

Would you consider helping, even on part of one of these items? To make a donation, go to All donations are 100% tax deductible. If you donate, please message me so I know how to appropriate the funds.