Saturday, May 10, 2014

Elephant Capture

We really had a once in a lifetime experience this morning.  The team from Zimbabwe did an amazing job and everything went so smoothly.  The elephant was darted from a helecopter, picked up by crane onto the back of a flatbed truck.  Brought to a nearby field where another truck with different compartments were waiting.  There, it was pulled by truck and cables into the first compartment, then given some medicine to wake it up.  I was actually surprised that it woke up so fast.  Literally from being passed out to on its feet and alert within a matter of a minute.  After it was up, they were able to coerce it towards the front compartment which was already on the back of a tractor trailer truck.  And then within a few minutes, it was off to its new home in Kafue National Park.

I grew up watching National Geographic and similar shows thinking how fun it would be to do work like that.  Well, this morning, the kids and I got to see it first hand.  Great way to spend a Saturday morning!

If you would like to see a quick video with some video clips and pictures.  Simply click the link just below the picture above.

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