Saturday, April 26, 2014

Isn't God Good?

A while back, I shared about Yvonne, a young lady that we met while doing some leadership training in the villages behind Chikankata.  Yvonne was a girl tormented by the enemy!  She was in such bad shape and such a threat to herself and her commnity that her grand mother had chained her to a pole in their house.

A few weeks ago, we were challenged at church to be out in the community looking for ways to pray for people.  I immediately thought of Yvonne and decided that I would go back out to her home and see how she was doing and pray for her.  As I was speaking to one of my Zambian friends about going, he told me the best news!  Yvonne was well!!!

So, yesterday, I went back out there on my bike to try and record her story.  Above is a short video of me interviewing her sister Idris (on the left) and later Yvonne.  I hope this encourages you that God is still in the business of delivering!

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