Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Little Mike

This little guy is Mike. He's a street kid who roams the streets of Mazabuka during the week. He has family, but both parents struggle with alcoholism and live in abject poverty. On Sundays, we often see Mike at the local grocery store trying to help shoppers, like ourselves, take their carts to their vehicles for spare change.

We always talked with him whenever we saw him, but we're really struggling with how to help. We could give him food and help him in other ways, which we did at times, but God really began to touch Kerri's heart for this boy a few weeks ago. She really felt like we should get more involved in his life. So, we figured we would start by inviting him to church.

The first Sunday, we told him that if he wanted to come that he could meet us in town and we would pick him up from there. And guess what? He was there. And not just the first week, but for the past 5.

It hasn't come without a few twists and turns (boys from the streets often have behavioral issues and need time to adjust to a little bit of structure) but Mike is beginning to really hit it off with some of the other kids while learning a little about the Great Love of the Father.

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