Sunday, December 01, 2013

Realizing Potential

This year is a big year for our discipleship farming programs.  Last year, we were able to work closely with 5 families which produced about four times the national average in terms of yield.  And those 5 families have learned a little bit more about faith through doing this practical work.  In addition to this, we were able to conduct various field days training many others on the benefits of honoring God in all of life including farming.  It's been encouraging to see some of our friends excited about their faith and excited about their farming.

But this planting season we have been involved in something new, with a slightly larger scope.  This year, two of our guys who we've trained have now been hired as consultants to plant a commercial farm all by hand.  A farmer in the area wants his farm to be used as an example to the Tonga people that you don't need big machines and sophisticated equipment to plant on a large scale.  If you have people and farming hoes, you can plant even at the commercial level.

Campbell is planting 60 acres, 40 with maize and 20 with soy beans all by hand using the principles from Foundations for Farming.  It was awesome seeing our guys Terren and Lloyd directing his staff to take on such a huge endevor.  We can't wait to see some of the impacts that such a project will have on the lives of many of our Tonga friends here in Chikankata.

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