Wednesday, December 04, 2013

On the Fence

Development on our property in Ngangula village has officially begun.  We're not really building anything, just fencing in some of the property so that we can run our Foundations for Farming programs.    

Care of lifestock takes on a whole new meaning in the village.  In our western approach to raising pigs, goats, cattle, etc, we think of them being confined to the property of their respective farmers.  In the Zambian village, the approach is a bit different.  Most rural Zambians believe that cattle, pigs, goats, & chickens should be allowed to roam and graze where they see fit.  Meaning if they want to stroll across your personal property, it is perfectly acceptable.  Just about every day over the past 2 weeks of being out there, I've seen goats chewing on some of our trees and cows leisurely strolling across our already planted FfF plots.

Today, Movet, Lloyd, Baba and I headed out to Ngangula hoping to fence in 2 of the 12 acres that the Chieftainess has given the ministry.  As you can see from the pictures, we had to get creative with pulling the fence and driving the posts into our rocky soil.  But we managed.  Our should I say, we managed 1/4 th of what we set out to do.  So, tomorrow, we'll head back out there hoping to finish a majority of the remaining work!

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