Saturday, November 02, 2013

One Church, Zambian Led Outreach

The other night, we held a Jesus Film outreach on one of the local maize farms.  Our friends the Greens are busy establishing this farm as one that makes a profit, but also reaches out to the Tonga community at the same time.

It was fun watching our friend Campbell, share with this church his heart to see the Tonga’s thrive in Zambia for the glory of Christ!  And it was also encouraging sharing with the church the idea that there is only one church in Zambia and that the local churches have to be unified in one purpose of proclaiming Christ to the nation.

This was the first outreach that we have had where two churches partnered together to reach a community with the gospel.  It was also the first outreach where we were just the spectators!  And for that we were truly thankful.  One church got the word out and trained leaders for the event while the other church came alongside and provided some leadership with the prayer time afterward.

Truly a step in the right direction for our Jesus Film ministry!

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