Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Vet Visit?

So, our car has been in the shop now for 7+ weeks, but life still goes on without it.  One such task that had to be accomplished in the car's absence was getting our chocolate lab pup "Boomer" to the vet for his 2nd line of vaccines.  What does a boy do when he can't throw his dog in the back of the car to take him to the vet?

You guessed it.  He puts him in a backpack, ties it tight enough to keep him in, but loose enough not to strangle him and rides his motorbike.  Boomer didn't appreciate the ride as much as his owner.  When I got back home, he wouldn't come to me for a few minutes.  I think he was afraid that I'd put him back in the bag and back on the motorcycle.

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