Sunday, October 06, 2013

Meet Peter

Peter is a new friend of ours.  I first met Peter through the farm owner, my friend Campbell.  Campbell is doing something quite unusual for a commercial farmer here.  He's planting 60 acres of maize by hand.  That's right, no machinery!  And Peter is the guy that will be supervising all of the workers performing this large task.

In addition to being a supervisor, Peter pastors a small congregation at a church located on the farm.  He has pastored this church for many, many years.  And it's refreshing to see his zeal for this church and for the gospel.  That's why I'm writing this post.  We have decided to partner with Peter in two specific projects over the next 2 months.

Later this month, his church will be coordinating a Jesus Film outreach at the church for the local Tongas.  We will be assisting them in training the leadership team that will do this outreach as well as setting up the equipment for the film.  We're excited to see how God will use this film through this local church to reach this community.

We're also excited about the opportunity that we have through Peter to do a demonstration plot and discipleship program this planting season using Foundations for Farming.  Peter will be planting a demonstration plot on the border of the farm and working with a few locals to plant their own plot.  Peter is super excited about the project, as are we.  We'll definitely have to post another update as things progress!

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