Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lwindi Ceremony

A few weeks ago, we were invited by Chieftainess Mwenda to the Lwindi Ceremony.  This is the Tonga ceremony for Thanksgiving.  They have it before the planting and harvesting season every year.

The event was much bigger that I even expected.  They had sponsors show up with banners and stands selling drinks and food.  And they had special guests from government arrive, including the DC for Chikankata (basically like a mayor).  He shared a few minutes as well as the Chieftainess.

We were able to watch some tribal dancing and listen to local music..  We also got to meet some new faces around where we live and minister.

I’m so thankful that the Chieftainess thought of inviting us as we experienced a new part of the culture that, before, we were unaware of.

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