Sunday, September 22, 2013

Like a Radio

As we shared from God's word with the community, I had something happen to me that hasn't ever happened before.  As I looked around the crowd, there was a young man who I sensed was deeply hurting.  I didn't see anything physically that would make me think he was hurting.  I just sensed it in my heart.  And the more that I looked at him, the more I actually felt his pain.  At one point, I actually felt the pain so much that I was literally crying myself. As all men do, I pride myself in not crying.  So, I knew God was trying to show me something. 

As I sat there I prayed about the best way to handle the situation.  I didn't want to embarrass him by addressing him in front of the group.  So, when we were done, I just shared with the group that God had shown me that someone in the group had been hurt deeply and that God wanted to bring emotional and Spiritual healing.  

When we asked if that word that I received was for someone, he came forward. He was set free that day and I was encouraged!  Encouraged, because it was confirmation that the word the Lord gave me for this young man was, in fact, from him and not just something I drummed up on my head.

I heard something recently which I think really applies to this story and be an encouragement to all of us.  Think of a radio.  Music is always playing from a radio station.  It doesn't stop.  But we cannot hear the music unless we have our radios turned on and are tuned into the right station.  The Spirit of God is much like this.  If you're a Christian the Holy Spirit lives inside you.  And he's not a quiet spirit.  He is speaking all the time.  Sometimes it's just that our radios aren't turned on (we're not available to Him) or that we're tuned into the wrong frequency.

But that's not God's desire.  He wants us to be switched on and tuned into Him!  He wants to speak to us more and more.  Don't you want to hear him?

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