Saturday, September 28, 2013

Break Every Chain

Yesterday afternoon, we had the privilege of attending a pastor's conference in the bush.  Luke was invited by one of the pastors that we work with to share.  It was a pretty lively conference attended by guys that even drove in from Lusaka.  But it wasn't the conference that was the most impactful part of our day.  It was a time of prayer that we had afterward.

After the conference, we were told about a young woman (Yvonne), who had gone mad.  She lived in a house less than 100 yards from the church.  She had become so violent that she was being chained to a pole in her house to keep her from harming herself or others.   

In the West, we're more prone to see a person like this and say that she has some disease or mental disorder.  And I'm not saying that some people have real disorders and real diseases.  But I'm telling you that some people are also possessed and she was possessed.  

Based on what we learned from the family yesterday, it actually started several years ago when her, her mother and her brother were all bewitched by some of her family.  She had done something to offend some of her relatives.  So, at the funeral of her grandfather, they put a charm that the witchdoctor had given them in with the body.  Shortly after, both her, her brother and her mother all went mad!

And if this story wasn't believable, we also noticed some other evidence in the writings she had made on the wall inside of her house.  Yvonne, who had no idea what a pentagram was, had engraved one on the wall just above where she sat.  When we asked the grandmother if she knew what the symbol meant, she had not clue.

Because of her state, we didn't know what to expect when we (Me, Luke & 3 other Zambian Pastors) walked into the house.  We knew that we had Christ's authority, but we just didn't know how she would react.  As we walked through the low-hanging door and our eyes were able to adjust to the dark room, we saw Yvonne sitting there.  And as we walked in, she just started weeping.  

I wish we could say that we prayed, she shook violently and then sat up clear-minded and speaking coherently.  But she didn't.  As we prayed for her, she actually became extremely relaxed to the point where we had to gently lay her over on some bedding nearby.  When we asked the grandmother if this was usual, she said that it wasn't.  So, I believe that Friday was a first step.  I believe that God wants to set this woman and her family free from the Satanic oppression that they are facing.  

Would you believe with me?  Would you please pray for Yvonne and her family?  We will be going back to this village in the next few months to show the Jesus Film at the church.  We're planning on visiting with her again then.  Please pray that her physical and spiritual chains are broken and that this young woman will be freed to live a full life in Jesus!

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