Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Local Markets

One of the ways we try to help out with our tonga neighbors is to try and create jobs. At our house, we've started a small shop for the farm workers. This small shop provides them with much needed household goods, but it also provides work for Cynthia. Cynthia has completed grade 12 and is trying to find the money for university. So, she comes to the house Monday thru Friday and runs our store.

In addition to the money that the store is providing her, in terms of salary, we also will use some of the profit to help hire other workers. This is just a small way that we have found to be helpful in the community in which we live.

The picture above is of one of my friends in the local suppliers market in Mazabuka. This market is where we buy the goods for our small shop. This lady sells me beans and fish weekly. She was kind enough to let me snap a picture to share with you.

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