Monday, January 07, 2013

Preparing for Teams!!!

(Caleb, Gracyn & Thomas varnishing the storage door before being mounted)

Work is underway and for a good reason.  This past week, we received confirmation that we will be hosting our first short-term team from the USA in August.  A ministry out of Texas, EmpowerDreams, is bringing a team to Zambia to work with us.  Yay!!!  Even though it is several months away, there are many things that we need to do here to get ready.  So, preparation is underway and even the kids are helping out!

Storage Shed

In order to host teams, we have had to change how we are currently storing all of our ministry items.  Before now, they have been sitting in our 40ft shipping container.  But that container is being converted into a bunk house.  So, the stuff inside must be moved.  As you can see in the picture above, our guys here did a wonderful job building a storage shed to hold all of the supplies that were in the shipping container.  We hope to lay the floor and move our ministry supplies by the end of the week!

Shower House

We've also been busy building a shower facility for visiting teams.  We hope to finish the walls and put a roof on the building by the end of next week.  Normally, we would have laid the floors first, but the rains have been just too heavy and we need the roof to provide shelter for the remaining work.  Anyways, we hope this building will provide 6 showers and 4 toilets.  We can't wait to see the final product, minus the weeds that are growing inside ; )

Please pray for us.  In addition to day-to-day ministry, a lot of our time for January & February will be spent doing construction.  Pray that we would be wise in how we setup for teams and that construction wouldn't be delayed by the rains.

We'll post more pictures as development continues.  Cheers!

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