Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas from Zambia

Christmas week was a full week for our family, with lots of fun and joyful relaxation as we celebrated the birth of our sweet Ellie and most importantly the birth of our Savior!  
Here are some pictures of our week!

Ellie turns 4!
Christmas Eve Dinner and celebration with our families and Zambian workers 
Dancing under the lapa

Precious kids!

All "the littles" as we call them

It was our honor to serve dinner to these faithful friends who mean so much to us!
Dailes, Pauline and Patronella

The young wives and children of our new workers

The gentlemen!
Movet, Terran, Luke, Lloyd and Tyson

Watching a few fireworks!

Opening a few gifts

Fun around the table

Early Christmas Morning
Happy Birthday Jesus!

Ellie excited about her presents!

Thomas and Gracyn
Caleb and Maddie

Showing off his Zambia Jersey
New Princess Dress and accessories!

Cool Wig!
Scary Elf??

 What a great day!  And so blessed!  Happy New Year Everyone!

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