Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Asking for a Nation

In many Zambian circles, the Tonga people are considered to be a very simple people, not always respected, never expected to amount to much and definitely a group of people that could never be used to change a nation.  But as my friend and collegue Luke would say, that's a recipe for God to show up and do what He does best: "use the simple to shame the wise."

So, this past week, we met with Chieftainess Mwenda and that was exactly what we were praying for and believing God for.  Our hearts cry is that God would use the Tonga people to change Zambia and that he would use these same people to change Zimbabwe and beyond.  And we're extremely excited, because there is evidence that this is exactly what God wants to do.

Would you join us in asking for a nation?

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Let the Little Children Come

Today, as I was busy organizing in my little girls' room, Gracyn came in and sat down saying she needed to talk to me about something.  She told me that she's been feeling like God wants her to teach the kids in the compound behind us to read.  I thought that was great.  However, I immediately started to tell her that she would need to have a plan, some help, a schedule, etc.  - Mom, and her plans.

Gracyn was not deterred and asked me if she could just please go over there, ask one of our friends to interpret for her, and just do one lesson with whatever kids were around.  She had already made handwritten alphabet flash cards and had ideas for games and songs.  Precious.  So, of course I told her to go.  I decided I would just stay out of it and let her do her thing!

I went back there about half an hour later and found her there happily teaching this little group of kids.  She stayed there for over 2 hours and came home glowing about her lesson and telling me all about the kids who were there.  It left me just feeling so thankful.  We're always looking for ways for our kids to be involved when actually God is more than capable of laying things right on their own hearts.  Maybe we're seeing the first glances of the passions that He had placed in Gracyn's heart.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Saturday Field Day

If you are receiving this post via email, CLICK HERE to view the video.

This weekend marks the beginning of a week of training.  This morning, at 8:00 am at our place we had over 100 visitors.  They came to learn more about Foundations for Farming, and more importantly how to honor God through farming.  We were encouraged by the excitement expressed by everyone there.  We spent about 3 hours walking them through how to lay out a field, mulching, digging and fertilizing the planting stations, planting, thinning and weeding.

Above is a video of the afternoon.  Our prayer is that some of those in attendance will take the principles in this program and start practicing it on their own farms.  To that end, we'll do follow-up as the growing season progresses.  So, the first one is down and we have 4 more through all of next week.  Pray for our sanity as we prepare and teach many people over the next week.