Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saluala - Grab What You Can

Today was a busy Saturday.  We've been trying to get prepared for a clothing distribution for the workers on the farm where we stay.  And today was the day that it all happened.

Many of these families have very little means and can't afford to buy clothing and most have rather large families.  So, to say that they were excited for the opportunity to come and choose clothing for themselves and their family members is an understatement to say the least.  We basically had the different housing compounds on the farm arrive at 10:00 am and form a line at the gate.  By the time we started the distribution, we had nearly 75 families representing about 375 - 400 people.

The proper term for clothing distribution is Saluala which literally means "grab what you can."  We were a little bit more organized than that, but most of the families were able to pick out several new clothing items.  It was a blessing to us to be able to provide for some of the physical needs of our neighbors.

Thank you to those of you who made this possible.  Just to list a few: Chapin Baptist Church combined Sunday schools, in particular Jamie Cassel and Marvin Bozard for securing the container and many of the donations.  Margie Simmons and her staff of volunteers of Christian Ministries International for packing the container and providing extra donated items.  The friends and family members who sacrificed time and donated items for this cause.  And a few friends from Texas who were responsible for the generous donation which covered all of the shipping costs.  There are more who helped, but we did want to make sure that we mentioned these few individuals.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! If you are receiving this post via email, please visit our website to view the video:

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