Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We Come to Serve

(Mwenda Rural Development Trust Board Members)

We recently had the privilege of hosting several of the Board members from Chieftainess Mwenda's rural development trust.  They oversee a group of about 130 Zambians who are working together to bring more development to the Chikankata chiefdom.  The chairperson is Daniel Kalichi, the chieftainess' husband.  He is the one in the tan jacket standing between Luke and myself.

The purpose of this meeting was to develop relationships and share with them some of the programs that we would like to see implemented amongst many of the villages that they are already living in.  It turned out to be such a sweet time.  We were able to take them over to our demonstration plot, composting station and greenhouse and share with them God's plan for improving the physical and spiritual lives of the people of Chikankata.

After a late lunch, the board gathered for this picture and then headed back to their homes.  They left here full of food, while we were full of hope for how this relationship might grow and how we can work together to glorify Christ in this rural African district of Zambia!

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