Friday, June 29, 2012

Reaching a Nation through Schools?

A really neat opportunity has basically landed in our laps, but one that we think could have significant reach when it comes to the gospel going forth in Zambia.  A local school, Terranova Basic School, has asked us to assist them in creating an agricultural program with it's foundation rooted in the truths of Scripture.

This past Thursday, was the 2nd meeting that we have had with teachers and students from the school who are part of a committee who will be assisting us in implementing this program.  Currently, the school has a plot of land on site with access to water.  We hope to work with them to clear this land within the next few weeks and begin a weekly discipleship program teaching kids from grade 2 to 12 about honoring God through farming.

The beauty of this program is that it is rooted in Scripture and teaches kids to look at what God is doing in nature and learn from His ways.  Then apply these ways in their farming as well as their personal everyday lives.

Here's a simple lesson that will be taught during our time there, but one which I hope gives you insight into the potential of opening the eyes and ears of these children to their creator through farming:

In this program, we teach that weeding is a "year-round" process.  Many Africans only weed just before planting and sparcely during the growth stages of the plant.  Because of this, the weeds have a chance to grow and produce seeds which will, in turn, create more problems for the farmer.  Had the weeds been uprooted early when they were small, they would not have had the opportunity to reproduce and consistent weeding will eventually reduce the population of weeds in the land.  The same can be said about sin.  When we live with sin and let it grow, it has the propensity to reproduce and cause more problems.  If we deal with sin as soon as it is identified, (when the plant is small), it has less of an impact on our lives and fellowship with God.

Isn't that exciting!!!  Kids learning about farming, but more importantly learning about a loving relationship that they can have with their Creator each and every day.  Pray for us as we develop this program over the next few months.  We hope it will be a model for additional schools to use here for the glory of God!

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