Monday, May 28, 2012

Last Minute Trip

This past Thursday, Luke and I were invited to a leadership conference with the our friends from Foundations For Farming.  It was literally a whirlwind of a trip.  We were picked up in Lusaka on a chartered 6-seater prop plane and flown north to a farming district known as Mkushi.  The purpose of the trip for us was just to develop further relationships with some of the key international leaders for FfF, and to that end, it was awesome!  While there, we met a man named Peter.  He is one of a handful of white Zimbabwean farmers who still have a farm.  I hope to share more about him in a future post.  And we also met Gavin Johnson.  He is the cousin to the founder of FfF, Brian Oldrieve, but is most famous for being one of the most famous fullbacks in South African rugby history.  If you've seen the movie Invictus, then you probably heard Nelson Mandella's character mention his name when meeting the 1995 World Cup team!

The trip up was forgettable.  The plane was a nice plan, but very small.  Because of this, it moved quite a bit with the strong winds we were experiencing that day.  Upon landing, the plane actually blew a tire and skidded to a halt.  But everyone was ok.  The visit was a good one as we made several new friends.  One highlight of the trip was a men's breakfast with all of the farmers of the Mkushi district.  Gavin shared his story about playing rugby for S. Africa and how God really got a hold of his life after his playing days.  He was so excited to share about just how much Jesus meant to him.  After breakfast and one more meeting, we said our goodbyes and headed home.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip.  And we are so thankful to have met some new friends who share a similar vision for Zambia!

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