Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jesus Film (Take Two)

Well, we made it back (at least the girls did).  Friday night, as Luke and I headed back from our trip to Mkushi, the girls headed out with a local church to show the Jesus Film.  They were going back to the same location we went to during the team from the UK's visit, because the last attempt at a showing didn't quite work out.  But this time was a little better.

I guess because the last time failed and those who attended then knew we were coming back, the attendance was quite high.  If you offered this type of format for a movie in the States, probably only a handful would come, but here in the rural areas of Zambia, they turn out in droves.  There were probably close to 300 who showed up to hear about the life of Jesus.

I can't tell you how awesome it is seeing these Zambians hearing   The girls did a great job.  Everything went without a hitch and many people had the oppurtunity to hear about Jesus in their own language.  I just wish Luke and I could have been there to experience it too!

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