Saturday, April 21, 2012

They're Starting to Come

I know this is not what you want to look at when you open an email, but it does have a good story behind it.  Yesterday afternoon, we had a visitor.  Kennedy, who among other things is an electrician on the farm from which we are renting.  He came to us requesting prayers.  He injured his finger while laying irrigation pipe and it was the second of such injuries.  Last week, he injured his foot in a similar way.  And in addition to these injuries, he has been treated poorly by some of the other workers and was actually thinking about leaving the farm.

So, he came to us and asked us to pray for him.  To pray for healing and to pray against attacks on him and his family from the enemy, to pray for his pregnant wife and safety for their baby to come.  After we prayed, Kerri tried to doctor him up with some medicine we had on hand and I talked to him about coming for discipleship, to which he was very interested.  So, now that makes 4 who will begin meeting next Saturday to begin processing our Christian life together.  You can be praying for this group, but that is not the intent of this post.

The intent of this post is to share with you our excitement that the community around us is beginning to see us as a source of encouragement and have begun to come to us more often for prayers.  In addition to this instance, a few weeks ago, one of our workers walked almost 5 kilometers just to have Luke pray with him over his sick child.  And the week after that, one of the farm workers came to Luke requesting prayers for the same.  (As personal testimony, both of these children's fevers left them the same night and they showed no more symptoms.  Isn't God good!!!)

Our desire is for our friends and neighbors to see the hope that is only found in a relationship with Jesus.  We pray that our testimony before them is that of a people who are genuine, compassionate and loving because of God's love being worked out in us.  We're seeing the early fruits of your prayers already.  So, please continue to pray for us to that end!

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