Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Testimonials From Outreach

In Case you missed it, CLICK HERE to watch the short 1-minute video we put together of the Jesus Film Outreach.

After spending the evening showing the Jesus film at the farm next door, I wanted to share a few short stories of things that happened directly related to this event. I'll try to be brief, but I think each one is encouraging to how God is already working here in the lives of those He has called us to minister to.

A Young Man Named Tobert
While we were showing the film, a young man approached me in the back of the crowd. He immediately asked me if I remembered him, to which I replied "yes." Tobert was one of the members of the church that was helping us lead this outreach and he had come to the training session we had the Saturday before. During this training, we had a time of prayer for members of the church. Tobert came forward because he had been suffering from headaches for nearly a year. These headaches had been so bad that they sometimes affected his vision to the point that he couldn't see.

Before we prayed for him, he said that he was experiencing one of those headaches. After we prayed for him, his demeanor still looked downcast, but he said that he felt a difference. Well, when he approached me at the outreach, I saw a completely different Tobert. He tracked me down with a huge grin on his face and told me that from that meeting until the outreach that he had experienced no more headaches! Praise Jesus! And since then, God has really put Tobert on my heart in terms of discipleship. So, starting this Saturday morning, we will be meeting for the first time to process life in Christ together. Pray for this relationship. Pray that he would feel comfortable to be open and honest with me and that I would be an encouragement to his faith as well as he to mine.

An Embattled Marriage
At the end of the evening of the outreach, I was approached by another member of the church. I didn't know at the time, but Luke had prayed with her during the same time of training. She and her husband had been separated for over a year. She desperately wanted reconciliation, but there were really no signs pointing towards that outcome. As Luke prayed for her, he sensed the Spirit telling him to ask her to forgive her husband and to let go of the anger that she had been holding onto against him and she did.

The reason she was approaching me this evening was because she had mistaken me for Luke and wanted to tell me of how God had moved in her relationship the very next day. Her husband, who had been living with another woman for this entire time, came to her and apologized. He told his wife that he had left the other woman and wanted her to consider taking him back into her life and home. Needless to say, this lady was beaming from ear to ear sharing of how God had answered prayer.

Our God is an amazing God who knows exactly what each and every person in this world is going through, including you. Although he may not answer every prayer the same way he answered these two prayers for these two people, He is there listening to those who seek him through His son Jesus in prayer! I just thought these stories would encourage you in your walk with Him and challenge you to look for ways to intentionally pray for those around you who are hurting, struggling or who are even sick.

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