Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rural Development

Mwenda Rural Development Trust

Friday, we were invited to attend a meeting in Chikankata with the Chieftainess's Rural Development Team. This is a team of over 120 Tonga leaders that are responsible for most of the development in Chikankata and a group that we see as a strategic partner in our ministry here.

It was a good chance to meet some of the board members and individual leaders from the 23 geographic zones that they serve. It was also a chance to listen to them share about the different issues that are plaguing the spiritual and physical development of their people. As they shared, I had an intrepreter translate so I could find out what these major issues were. Here is a sample of the list. It was very interesting to hear that some of their main problems are some of the issues that we felt were central to our ministry here in Chikankata.
  • Alcoholism
  • Security and Theft
  • Deforestation
  • hunger, maize supplies and fertilizer shortages
  • no bore holes for clean drinking water
  • corruption
  • bad roads
  • Witch Doctors
  • Education and lack of trained teachers
It was good to hear straight from the people what they have identified as their main issues to developing community. We hope to soon begin meeting with the individual zone leaders to get an even better idea of how our ministry can serve the people here. So pray for us!

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