Saturday, March 24, 2012

Need a ride?

Most rural Zambians do not have their own transportation and have to walk many many miles in order to get where they are going. So, "hitching" a ride is a pretty normal thing when the opportunity presents itself.

This past week on my way to the main road, I passed three Zambians walking on the drive going out of the farm. So, I decided to stop and give them a ride. I found out that these two men and a lady had been walking since early in the morning and had already covered about 8 miles. You would think that was pretty far, but they still had another 8 to 10 to go in order to get to the bus stop that would take them to Lusaka.

And they weren't just walking empty handed. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, but the woman was carrying a goat! Needless to say they were very thankful to be assisted in their journey and I really enjoyed getting to practice, along the way, some of the Tonga that I've learned in my few months living here in Chikankata.

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Christy said...

Was this a live goat? I'm really bummed there's no picture. Don't let it happen again.