Thursday, March 01, 2012

How Do You Shop For Your Veggies?

As we returned home from our two-day trip into Lusaka, we made a routine stop. It is the final turn-off before going to Zimbabwe where there are a bunch of street vendors. This is the same turn that I was at when the car broke down about a month ago. So, I know it all to well ; ).

Anyways, I sat there and watched Kerri and Elise buying some tomatoes and avacados and thought to myself: "You know, people in the States probably have no idea how we shop for our veggies here in Zambia." So, I took a quick photo.

In Zambia, there are many small shops like these called Katemba's. At these shops, you can find almost any fruit or vegetable that you're looking for. The ladies who work these shops will sit all day in hopes of finding a few customers to buy their produce so that they can then feed their families in the nearby villages.

Just thought you would want a peek into one of our routine experiences here in Zambia!


Keith and Linda Stranberg said...

I miss that corner! Alot cheaper than buying in town, that was our favorite on the way back to Lusaka!

Keith and Linda Stranberg said...

I miss that corner, we use to stop there on our way back from Vic Falls, as you know the veggies were a lot cheaper than in Lusaka!

Christy said...

Neato. Are these things the women running the stands actually grow themselves?