Saturday, March 17, 2012

Croc Tails?

Just something interesting you don't find in the States. Luke and I were in Mazabuka this past week doing some shopping and stopped in one of the local meat markets. In addition to selling the normal (chicken, steak, pork) they also sold other things that you might not find in the States. In particular, she was selling croccodile tails!

Seeing them packaged so nicely, we simply couldn't resist. So, Luke bought one of the bags and I bought the other. Well, last night when the power went off and we had to cook over our gas cooker, what did we decide to fix? You guessed it, Croc Tails. And what did they taste like, you might ask? You probably guessed it again, Chicken! Well, fishy chicken.

Anyways, just thought you would want to know about some of the "other" cuisuines we eat here in Zambia.

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