Thursday, February 16, 2012

Late Anniversary Celebration

Because of all that we had going on with moving in and car issues and unpacking, etc. Kerri and I never had the opportunity to celebrate our 13th anniversary. So, since we were headed to Lusaka to pickup the Whitfields from the airport, we added another day into our trip so we could enjoy what we missed out on in January.

Just outside of the city, near the airport, there is a small safari lodge called Chaminuka. When you have 5 kids, celebrating your anniversary, a lot of times, just means getting away and doing nothing and that's what we did. We spent the day just lounging around, talking as well as going on a 2 hour game ride. The trip was exactly what we needed.

So, here's to being married to the best wife a man could ever ask for!

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Christy said...

The masks give me the creeps, but the animals are AWESOME! Pet an elephant for me next time you see one.