Monday, February 20, 2012

Grody to the Max

If you're squeemish, don't watch this video. I have shared with you a few times, that there is a fly here called the putsy fly. It is a special fly in that it lays its eggs on damp clothing and when the eggs hatch on their unsuspecting victims, the larve burrows into the skin.

Well, I've been waiting for the first person in our family to get the first putsy so we could videotape its extraction. Can you guess who the first victim was?

Excuse the video of me with my shirt off, but I took a video of Kerri helping me get one of the 5 putsy larve that have now found their way into my arm, back and leg. Apparently, we're going to have to wait until the others get a little bigger before we can get to them, because at this size they are just too difficult to remove. Oh, the fun stuff we deal with as missionaries in Africa!

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Christy said...

Ok, I just watched the video peeping through my fingers - my hands just flew up over my eyes when it started. Gaaahhhhhhh! I think my favorite part is Thomas's putsy fly song in the background.