Monday, February 27, 2012

Afraid to Play

The other day as Luke and I returned from some meetings, the boys were playing football (soccer) in the yard with some of the older boys from the farm (guys we had hired for the day to help with the yard work). When they saw me pull up, they immediately stopped and the boys started walking for the gate. They told Caleb that they were afraid of the bwana (boss). They were afraid that I would be mad that they were playing in the property. I haven't done anything to cause them to be afraid, but, regardless, the fear was there.

Luckily, Caleb and Thomas were able to convince them to come back and we were able to watch a pretty spirited match. But the experienced just made me aware, all the more, of our need to go above and beyond to show these dear Zambians the love of Christ - to show them that there is no need to fear us. So, I guess I'm seeing a need for a weekly match with the "bwana's" also participating!

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Christy said...

You are totally scary.