Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brain Flagilation

So, when a missionary is nearing the end of a year long furlough, you should never ask him to perform a complex task. Because of all of the different things running through his head (i.e. dealing with the stress of packing, leaving behind loved ones, coordinating a shipping container, etc.) he might just not have the mental aptitude to handle such a task.

Take this afternoon for instance. Kerri asked me to do something very simple, order pizza. We were throwing a small going away party for the kids. We wanted to let them have one last time to play with their closest friends this side of the ocean before heading back to Zambia and the guest list included 41 children.

So, Kerri asked me to buy enough pizza for these children. That's where the fun began. Somehow, in my mind, she wasn't asking me to purchase enough pizza for 41 kids, but, for some reason, she was asking me to purchase 41 pizzas. I don't know why it didn't register in my mind when I knew the bill was going to be close to $200, but it didn't. So, when the pizza showed up, the mistake was quite obvious! The kids were happy and full, but I felt just a wee bit dumb!

Please be praying for us over the next 2 weeks. We fly out in 10 days and things are getting more and more hectic. Pray for patience, wisdom in packing, a sweet goodbye with family and friends and a sweet reunion with our friends in Zambia.

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