Monday, October 10, 2011

Story Runners

So, how do you train leaders in a culture where 80% of the people cannot read or write? You tell stories! There are various groups that have put together chronological stories which help communicate the story of Jesus (beginning in the book of Genesis and working through to the Gospels). And this week, I (Brent) am in training in Orlando, Florida doing such training.

I arrived this evening just in time for the first session. Before the end of the session, we broke into small groups and practiced telling the story of the demon possessed man in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 5. It was really interesting listening to people from different cultures trying to tell this story in a way that was contextualized for their own people.

Tonight, I met two guys from Africa (Benin and Cameroon), a family from Laos, another couple now living in the states who used to work in Botswana, and many more. There are 24 people from 9 different countries here at the Wycliffe Training Center going through this training.

Would you please pray for us this week as we seek to learn effective ways to communicate the Gospel message to semi-illiterate and illiterate cultures? Would you also be in prayer for Luke Whitfield, who is in well-drilling training in North Carolina? Also pray for us next week. I will be joining Luke at Equip Ministries to learn how to install and repair water pumps. These are the last bits of training we will receive before our return to Zambia in November.

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