Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

We are getting ready to head off to vacation with some of our friends for all of next week, but we wanted to ask you to pray for us as we gear up for these last two months in the States.

Currently, we are at 100% of our one-time funding, 89% of our monthly funding and, along with the Whitfields, are about to begin raising additional funds to ship a 40ft shipping container with much needed supplies for our ministry in Zambia.

We are now only 67 days away from leaving our family and friends and returning to our home in Zambia. Please pray for our sanity : ).

Pray also for the remainder of our monthly support, pray for the $13,000 we will need to ship the container to Zambia and pray for our family (emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc...). Pray for our families and friends here whom we are leaving behind - specifically pray for the grandparents. Leaving definitely is the hardest part of missions.

Thank you so much for standing behind us. You are such a blessing to our family and ministry.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zambia's 5th President

In Zambia, if you ever want to carry a conversation, just talk politics. Most Zambians follow their politics religiously and love discussing many different aspects of their governing body. Well, I bet there is a lot more to talk about these days. On Tuesday, October 20th, Zambia held their presidential elections. The results were released today showing that challenger Michael Sata, won the election.

As I was asked by my Zambian friend Alex, please pray for a peaceful transition in leadership and pray for the people of Zambia.

Thank you

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Guest Blog

A friend of ours, Danielle Cevallos, recently asked Kerri to write a guest post on her blog about adoption. If you get a chance, check it out! Just click on the picture above to be directed to her blog.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Faith at Work

So how do you start a project in a remote village in Zambia and get the locals to take ownership? That is hopefully what I will be finding out this week in North Carolina. Equip Ministries International runs a week long training program called Community Health Evangelism. We're hoping this program will give us the framework for working on different projects in the villages of Chikankata.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Mulungu Ali Bwino (God is Good!)

We just wanted to quickly give you an update on our finances and thank the many of you who have been praying for our return to Zambia. Last week, we shared that we were at 81% of our monthly needs and 37% of our one-time needs. Well, the Lord did some pretty amazing things this past week. We received over $14,000 in one-time donations and are now at 100% of our one-time funding!

In addition to this, our monthly support has increased a little as well (up 1% to 82%). We have also received 6 additional commitments for monthly support but we are waiting to find out the total amount of these commitments. Needless to say, we're getting close. Our prayer is that we would be fully funded within the next month so we can shift our focus to planning for our return. Would you join us in this same prayer?

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Without Your Help, He Might Be Lost Forever

(If you are receiving this post via email, CLICK HERE to view the video)

Please take the time to watch this video. We have a crisis. The American culture is getting to Thomas. And we believe we are on the verge of losing him FOREVER! Recently, he disappeared in the house with the IPAD and shot this a video. Kerri and I immediately went to the Lord in prayer on his behalf. During this time, we came away with only one answer: We need to get him back to Zambia.

To that end, we are planning on returning November 30th but we need your help in leaving on this date. We're still looking for financial partners who will commit to monthly giving. It doesn't have to be a lot, even a gift of $10 to $20 a month could make a significant impact in helping us reach our monthly goal. Would you consider helping us avert this crisis?

To make online donations, please visit us on the web at:

Thank you

If, by chance, you didn't catch the humor in this post, we will be in prayer for you ; )