Saturday, April 02, 2011

That's not a Rat! This is a Rat!

Posted by our Director yesterday. All I can say is "that is one HUGE rat!"


Some of you may have seen the rat that was killed in our backyard a couple months ago. It was rather large and I thought the gardener was a little crazy to suggest that there were larger rats yet…that is, until yesterday! Our gardener trapped it with his patented paint can method. We measured this rat to be 80cm from tip of tail to the tip of the nose that’s over 30 inches!! Half of the length was the tail and half the body.

Last November when I first saw this type of rat (Cane Rat) I freaked out and told Tim it was the size of a cat. He didn’t believe me. I told him it was as big as Tristan…again, he thought I was exagerating. At the time Tristan was two months old. Well…here’s the proof!

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Danielle said...

Kerry, I couldn't eve look at the picture...that is the GROSSEST thing I have ever seen!!!!!!! I would rather have ten babies with no epidural, sitting in a public restroom than have that in my house!