Monday, February 07, 2011

Fear Not

A Post from the Allens:

We Allen's had a busy day today watching three extra little ladies of some friends of ours who were moving. We had a blast playing spoons and making projects. But, that isn't what I want to blog about. Today I went with my friend Luke to pray for one of our pastors in our program. Patson's wife Patricia had been suffering with some pretty intense stomach pain for a while. So, we went to their house way back in the compound and into the church/school that he built. After finding out from Patricia what was wrong, Luke began to ask some questions. He asked if there was fear she was struggling with and then begin asking about dreams. He uncovered a lot of struggles going on in her life that were both physical and spiritual. The Holy Spirit gave him insight into situations that were more than just physical and she was so surprised that he could know things that he or she did not know. (Often here in Zambia, physical pain is a result of something going on spiritually. Maybe that is even the case in America as well. It is always good to think spiritually in these times, at least that is what I learned/am learning.)

Then Luke said, "Before we pray, I feel like the Spirit is saying that there is one more person in your family who is also struggling with fear and who also has problem with nightmares. Patson and Patrica looked at each other and both said together at the same time, "Joyce." So, they brought her in to the room. Joyce, a pretty little 10 year old, was understandably shy and nervous. Luke kneeled beside her and began to tell her that she was in God's hands and that no one could do anything to touch her because God would protect her. Right then, I had this sense that we shouldn't just assume that she was a Christian. So, I stopped Luke mid-sentence and said, "Do you want to make sure she is a Christian?" He stopped and said, "Yes, good point." We looked to Patson and said, "Is she a Christian? Are you seeing any fruit of the Spirit to signify that she is?" They both said, "No. She is not a Christian." Luke came back to sit by me and said, "Why don't you help her Steve to become a Christian." I was instantly reluctant because I didn't want to take Patson's place as both father and pastor. But, Patson said something like, "No, Steve, one thing you don't know is Zambian pastors don't know how to do this very well." In essence, what he was saying was that they knew how to pastor other people's children, but no their own.

Well first of all, that was a huge insight and helped me in terms of thinking on how to help this cultural issue with pastors and their own families that I had no idea about. But, secondly, I had a chance not just to lead her to Christ, but to help model how to do that for Patson. I asked for the Spirit to help me and I was given the amazing privilege to lead her into a relationship with Christ through her father as a translator. It was awkward, not really cultural and with words I have learned over the years. It was what it was. But, she prayed the prayer and even better, we were able to encourage her in her life. I saw something of a picture of her teaching one day in this classroom we were in. We prayed over her future as well. Anyway, that was amazing and we hadn't even prayed for Patricia yet. So, Luke wanted the whole family in so he brought them in and they all held hands. Then Luke and I prayed for her, for her stomach and her teeth that had been hurting. And guess what, her stomach pain was healed! I know this was real because she said her tooth still hurt. Sometimes when we pray for Zambians we wonder if they are telling the truth. If they are just trying to make us feel good after we pray... Well, in this case, we could see it. Not only was just healed from stomach pain, but I am confident that her dreams and fears were dealt with as well. Anyway, it was a really blessed hour we spent there... (Note: I just got a text from Patson that Patricia is free from the pain and Joyce slept through the night.)

Please continue to pray for Patson and Patricia who are on the leading edge of community development through their church and community school. Truly, a light on a hill!

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