Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Cat is Out of the Bag

Well, the cat is officially out of the bag! The last post about missing family during the holidays was a hoax. A few months ago, Kerri and I decided that we would come home for a surprise visit in December. The primary reason was to finish Thomas's adoption stateside, but it was an added benefit to get to see our family and friends over Christmas. Please forgive us for all of the lies. We've been telling everyone, including our families that we would be home in May, but we knew all along that we were flying home in early December.

Above is a video that we put together from all of the surprise visits we have made over the past few days. It started with showing up at my parents front door and ended at Kerri's mom's church Sunday evening. That surprise was by far the best. We had the music minister play a video from us in front of the whole church. She thought it was just a video wishing her a Merry Christmas from Zambia, but near the end of the video, we told her that we had one more surprise. At that point, the video started showing pictures from our trip home with Thomas looking at our plane. Finally, we all walked into the church and stood behind her until she realized that we were there!

It's been a blast seeing our friends and family again and we're so thankful to be home for the holidays. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Many Blessings!

P.S. If you are receiving this post via email, you can view the video by CLICKING HERE.

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Christy said...

Oh my, that made me cry. You guys are such fun! Love Carrie's reaction ... perfect. Hope you have a glorious Christmas!