Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Prophet Among Us

Tonight, Kerri and I went on a date with some of our new missionaries, The Huckabys. As we were leaving, Gracyn told Kerri that she didn't want us to go because she was afraid that we would get in a car accident and be hurt. Well, part of her fears were realized. As we were turning into the restaurant, a car was trying to pass us and the car in front of us in the oncoming lane. If we had turned just a few seconds later, it could have been a very bad collision. Fortunately, though, the Lord was watching over us.

No one, including the driver of the other vehicle were injured. The only damages were to our vehicles. As you can see from the pictures, his vehicle side swiped us and ripped the bumper off of our car. The other bad news, was that, even though he was passing us in the oncoming lane, I couldn't remember if my turn signal was on. So, I was charged with being at fault in the accident.

The next time Gracyn tells us that she doesn't want us to go somewhere, I think I might give it a little more consideration!

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