Monday, August 09, 2010

Home School Graduation

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Well, they did it! Caleb and Gracyn have finished 3rd and 1st grades with flying colors! Our school schedule runs year-round with 3 months on and 1 month off. So, as our school year just ended, several of our homeschooling friends got together to honor our kids and their accomplishments this year with a casual ceremony and some banana splits! We presented the kids with certificates and took a moment to praise each one individually. Then each child made a presentation to the crowd of proud parents and little siblings. Caleb and Gracyn both chose to play the piano.

Caleb received an award for his hard work and determination. He has worked hard to accomplish his tasks with school and is a super smart kid! He has also excelled in sports and recreation and has done great with his first semester of piano lessons. In our minds, however, his greatest achievement this year has been in welcoming and mentoring his new brother. I've actually been amazed at his patience (most of the time :-) ) and how he has adjusted to having Thomas be his constant shadow. We are so proud of Caleb!

Gracyn's award was for her willing spirit and eagerness to learn. She is a joy to teach and loves her work. She has developed a love for reading this year and can often be found curled up in a corner somewhere exploring a book. She is also taking piano lessons, and the ability seems to come naturally to her. Her favorite activity, which borders on obsession, is horseback riding. It's actually really inexpensive to take riding lessons here in Zambia. Gracyn started last fall and is in love with riding! She has also been a great friend and big sister to her new brother and and huge help to her Mommy with the little sisters!

Thomas received an encouragement award for all that he has learned and adjusted to over the last 5 months. A whole new life! This fall he will dive head-first into 1st grade and more organized sports. Thomas was the star player on each of the two soccer teams he played on this semester!

Maddie and Ellie are the adoring little sisters who are cute all the time and just make our life funny and entertaining!

We are so thankful for this full quiver that God has blessed us with. We really don't deserve such great kids! Now we are looking forward to enjoying the month of August off from school and will start back in September!

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