Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hammer Mill Construction Underway

(Trench for Electric Lines for Hammer Mill - 200 Meters of cable)

(Aiesha - Hired to dig the trench for the electric cables)

(Concrete pillars which will support the shipping container that holds the machinery)

The first of our income generation projects, Ciyanjano Hammer Mill, is now under construction. In the rural area surrounding the ministry centre, we have many small and large scale farming operations which grow maize. A hammer mill is a machine which shells and grinds the maize into "Mealie," which is a staple food in the Zambian diet. Our hope is that this hammer mill will provide revenues which will make the ministry centre more sustainable and also provide local villagers with a closer place to process their maize.

We have actually developed a three year plan for the income generation & livelihood training ministry. The hammer mill is only the beginning. We also hope to provide a place where Zambians can come to receive discipleship & hands-on training in farming (crops, livestock & fish). Please continue to pray for this ministry as it is in its infancy.

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