Friday, May 07, 2010

Balipo Banthu

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In Zambia, when you go to a home to visit and children are outside, it's not outside of the norm to say Balipo Banthu. It means "are there people here?" It seems like a simple and innocent phrase, but it is fed by a large cultural issue that is really impacting the future of the church in Zambia.

Children here are often not recognized by adults. In a lot of cases, children are not seen as being able to understand the things of God until they reach their teenage years. Did you hear that? This means, that in a lot of churches, there are no ministries geared towards children. There is little to no investment in youth. They are expected to just come and sit through the service and be quiet while the adults, who can understand the things of God, attend the worship service.

Here is the catch. We live in a culture, where over half of the population is 16 years old or younger. The adults are the minority! By the time children reach the "perceived" age of understanding it is mostly too late. These children need investment now, because they are the future of the church.

This is the vision that a group of missionaries have caught onto here in Zambia. Some missionaries from ACTION along with other friends and other missionaries have started a movement named: "Called for His Purpose". Their intent is to minister to those who have been forgotten and neglected over the years. This past week, Kerri and Elise were part of a night of worship. The event attracted over 200 youth from the community who have a heart to worship God. There are other events planned in the future, but this was the initial launch of Called.

Please be in prayer for this ministry.

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