Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kilometers for Kids

(Luke Whitfield, Brent Roberts, Steve Allen, Elise Whitfield, Megan Bloemker, Stephanie Allen & Kerri Roberts)

In Zambia, over 50% of the population is 16 years old and younger. Many of these children live in abject poverty. In Lusaka, the capital city, there are no parks or safe recreational areas. Children must resort to playing in garbage heaps, cholera infested waterholes and other dirty places where space is available.

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Action Zambia (AZ) is trying to address this issue. AZ has been blessed with a 22 acre piece of land (Known as Ciyanjano) on the outskirts of Lusaka. This past January, we started a three year development plan for this camp facility for Zambian churches and the youth in their communies. The vision is to have a place where compound churches (churches located in Lusaka's poorest districts) can bring children for week long camps to learn more about the love of God that is found in Christ and have fun while doing it. Think about it. Children who come from families where the average income is $1 or less a day, being able to escape their world for a short time and have a chance to just be a kid in a loving and safe environment.

August 29th of this year, 7 members of our team will be headed to Zimbabwe for a marathon. We will embark on the 26.2 mile (or 42 kilometer) race (The Victoria Falls Marathon) as a fund raiser for children camps in Zambia. We are calling the event Kilometers for Kids. Our hope is to raise enough money to build one of the two remaining camp sites for Ciyanjano. We have dedicated a website to the event: This site just gives additional information for the race as well as a place to make donations. Please take a look if you get a chance!

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