Saturday, March 06, 2010

An Unexpected Move

For the past couple of weeks, the rains have been pretty consistent. Just about every day, it has rained for at least a few hours. Because of this, flooding is pretty widespread across Lusaka. There are compounds where people have had to leave their homes because the water has reached levels where it is getting into the homes. And this morning, the flooding claimed yet another victim.

At 6:30 am Luke called me. He told me that our director (Tim Hilty) and his wife and family were having to evacuate their home. The flooding had gotten so bad that they had a foot of standing water surrounding their home and the septic tank filled up and began to overflow into their yard. They called some city officials to come and look at the extent of the flooding and the city declared their home to be unsafe for living.

So, our team had a move day. In just over 5 hours, we were able to completely clean out the Hilty's home. They have temporarily moved into a one bedroom flat in the same complex and are in the process of trying to look for other housing. Please be in prayer for them. Houses are very hard to find in Lusaka (especially ones at the budgets we try to maintain). Pray that one would become available soon. Pray also for Andrea. On top of expecting their third child and having to move out of her home, she also learned that her Grandmother passed away yesterday. Pray that God would give her and Tim a peace that surpasses all understanding!

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Christy said...

Wow, that sounds just crazy! We're expecting a normal grey, rainy week next week. Hopefully this will help me keep perspective when I'm tired of clouds and stir-crazy children.