Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Cooking First

Since this entry is about cooking, I have to start by letting you know this is Brent and not Kerri. We've probably mentioned it before, but in Zambia, the staple food is Nshima. Zambians take a type of corn meal known as mealie and mix it into boiling water to make Nshima. Just to give you perspective, Nshima is like grits, just much thicker. When it is fully cooked, you then, using a large spoon, divide it into smaller portions as seen above. These portions are then used to eat with other things like chicken, cabbage, greens, etc...

Well, we've been here over two years now. So, I thought I would give it a shot! Kerri was out one evening and I couldn't find anything else to cook for myself and the kids. So, I made chicken, tomato sauce for dipping and Nshima. Much to my, the kids & Kerri's surprise, everything turned out well. Yeah Brent : )

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Christy said...

1,000 daddy points and 1,000 missionary points. Awesome.