Thursday, February 18, 2010

Welcome to Our Home!!! (Must Read!!!)

We are so happy to introduce you to our newest addition! God has blessed us with a new son - a special, chosen son - and He has worked out all the details so that this dear one could be part of our family!

Mwila was brought to the Department of Social Welfare about 2 years ago by a good samaritan. All we know of his past is that he was kept for some time by this "good samaritan" who found him abandoned. After placing him at House of Martha orphanage, Social Welfare tried to locate any and all existing family through news and television. No one ever came forward. Back in the early fall we started visiting orphanages to see if God stirred our hearts toward any children. Most of you know that we have had the desire to adopt for several years. When we visited House of Martha we told the house mother that we were looking for a boy under 8 years old who had no known family. She told us that Mwila was the only child they had that fit that description. It so happened that he was the first child both Brent and I had noticed as the kids were playing. Caleb had also connected with him. So from there we began to pursue him with Social Welfare.

Since the first weekend of December Mwila has been coming to spend the weekends with us and we have visited him at the orphanage on Wednesdays as we've waited for all the red tape to be cut and the paper work to be properly filed. During this time, he has really connected with our family and always cried when we took him back to the orphanage. Finally this week, the Committal Order was approved, committing Mwila into our care as his foster parents. We are required to foster him for 3 months before we can legally adopt him. As far as we are concerned, he is now an official part our family. We are so thankful.

Today we brought him home and we decided to make it his birthday (since he has no birthday). We received a document from Social Welfare this morning estimating his age to be 5. So, today we celebrated his 5th birthday. He will also be starting at the kindergarten level in school (some time soon!).

We have decided that his new name will be Thomas Mwila Roberts. Thomas is a special name to us. First, it is biblical and all of our kids have a biblical name. Next, it is a family name on both sides. But most especially, it is after my Dad (Wayne Thomas Roberts). We always wanted to use that name if we ever had another son, but, God chose to bless us with 3 girls in a row! However, now we feel like it's perfect for our adopted son to carry his grandfather's name - the name of a man who loves his family so constantly and unconditionally (blood related or not). A few weeks ago, Kerri talked to Mwila about changing his name and he was very excited. He says that he wants to be called Thomas. So, we'll start trying out his new name and see how it goes. It may take Maddie a while to stop calling him "Weeeeelah".

A special bonus is that Kerri's Mom is here with us right now, so she's getting to welcome her new grandson into the family as well! Welcome Thomas Mwila!


The Bevil Family said...

Not a dry eye in the house!!!
We are thrilled to welcome Thomas into our hearts as well!! HEY Thomas!!!

Please give him a hug from us and while you are at it...give one to those other Roberts young'ns too!

Love you,
The Bevil's

The Bevil Family said...

Not a dry eye in our house!!!
We welcome Thomas into our hearts as well. Please give him a hug from us too. While you are at it...give one to all of our Roberts friends from The Bevils!

Love you,
Tana, Lamar, Taylor & Porter

Michelle said...

So excited for your wonderful news! I am in tears watching the video of Thomas becoming part of your family! God bless all of you as you welcome him in!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy right now that tears are streaming down my face. I love him so much already and can't wait to meet him in person! I am so humbled to watch God continually use you in such remarkable ways. You all love others so well and Mwila (Thomas) is truly blessed to join your (and my) family!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

I am just so happy for you guys! What a blessing adoption is. Kerri, I remember when we connected a few years back and I told you of our impending adoption from China. Then you shared with me your heart for adoption and I am so happy that God has placed this special child with your family! Congratulations on your son and brother!

Robbin said...

Oh my, Kerri & Brent! How precious it is this addition to your family. I could not stop smiling. You are the expression and extension of God's heart to Thomas. He will have no reason to 'doubt' God's love or His amazing care! May God continue to bless you all. I love you all.

Robbin said...

WOW! Congratulations! What a blessing Thomas is to your family. The story of his name is as precious as he is. I could not stop smiling. He has a contagious smile and the joy he has is marvelous. You all are the expression and extension of God's love to Thomas. He will never "doubt" God's care for him.

Heather Herdt said...

Congratulations! So excited for the whole family!