Sunday, December 06, 2009


I know this post is late, but because of our computer problems, I haven't been able to get access to our pictures or the Internet on a regular basis. This Thanksgiving was our first away from home. If you remember last year, we came home for the delivery of Ellie. So, it was a little sad celebrating a holiday that we normally spend with our families.

Any who... We did have a good time over the holiday. Luke and I took our kids (minus the little ones) out to Ciyanjano (our ministry center) for a pig roast. Luke downloaded the instructions on how to do a Hawaiian Pig Luau and we spent a better part of 7 hours trying to follow those instructions.

To prepare a pig this way, you dig a pit and burn wood for several hours. When you have a nice base of coals, you put in some large rocks and heat those as well. Then you put several layers of banana trees over the rocks, wrap the pig in banana leaves and chicken wire, cover with some more banana trees and a wet tarp and voila! 12 hours later a delicious pig picking - at least that was what we hoped.

Well, to my surprise and Luke's joy, it did work and for Thanksgiving day, our team enjoyed some good barbeque!

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Bobby said...

There's something about "whole hog" barbeque -- and I know we have Whole Hog Barbeque at Sweatman's in Holly Hill.

So "whole hog" BBQ is "a touch of home".

John Ballentine said...

Brent - The picture of the pig in the back of the vehicle...Gracyn's face is the best...She has some of the best expressions.

Christy said...

I can't decide whether to feel sorry for the pig or to be totally grossed out. Both, I think. I sure am glad the pork I eat grows on trees!