Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Tribe are you From

Back in the States, when you want to know where someone grew up, you would ask them "Where were you born or where did you live when you were growing up?"  But here, things are a bit different.  Every Zambian relates where they are from by tribe.  If you're from the north, you are bemba, the north west - Kaonde, South - Tonga, East - probably chewa.  If you ask a person where they grew up, they might look at you with confusion, but if you ask them what tribe they are from, they will tell you without hesitation.

Just an interesting tidbit about the culture we are ministering in.

Tomorrow, I'll be preaching in a village up north.  Please be in prayer for me as I share with this congregation.  Also be in prayer for me next Sunday, as I will be preaching at a church in Chaisa compound.  Thank you.

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