Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Village Experience

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to preach at a church in a village just North of town.  This is the same church I preached at about a year ago when I brought home my first goat.  Pastor Mark Mwale, invited me to go back to this church and it was such a blessing.  

Because of other required passengers (Pastor Mwale & my translator), I wasn't able to take the whole family, but Caleb was able to go with me.  I made him the camera man.  So, most of the pictures that you see are ones that he took.

It was a typical Zambian bush service (lasted about 3 hours).  When we arrived, they setup chairs in the front of the church for us.  After a few worship songs and announcements, they asked me to come up and preach.  Things seemed to go pretty well.  I was sharing about the permanency of God's salvation - that if it is a gift, by His grace and not by our own good works, then there is no way we can lose it!  Being that many churches here in Zambia struggle with legalism, I thought it was a very applicable message.

As the service concluded, they asked us to come up to the front and yes, you guessed it, Brent was going home with another live animal (a rooster)!

After the service was over, some of the women of the church had prepared a nice lunch for us (Nshima, Greens & Chicken).  Here's another interesting tidbit about culture here in Zambia.  When men get together and eat, they do not talk.  Talking is for after the meal.  So, here we were (me, Caleb, Pastor Mwale, my translator Mr. Phiri and the pastor of this church sitting, eating our lunch in complete silence).

I hope you enjoy these few pictures from the trip.  If you are receiving this post via email and cannot see these pictures, you can view them on our website or at the following link.


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