Monday, June 01, 2009

Random Updates

I couldn't resist.  Yesterday afternoon, I was doing some grocery shopping for a going away celebration (The Melvilles are headed back to the States) and I came across this character - a Zambian clown.  The expression he was making said it all.  No real story behind it, just thought I would share the picture. 

Sorry for not posting much lately.  The Zambian flu (what we would call a really bad cold in the States) is running its course through our family.  It started with me and has now spread to Kerri and the kids.  Please pray for our health.  Everyone seems to have a lot of congestion and is coughing.

This morning marked the first real power outage since we've arrived back in Zambia.  Apparently, some river weeds got into the generator at one of the plants at the Kafue gorge.  The generator was damaged enough for them to shut it down for repairs.  We have been told that this process could take quite a while.  Until it is fixed, we will be periodically without power.  Today it was from 6:00 am until after lunch.

The week before last, we finished an audit of our ministry finances.  One of my responsibilities for the next little while will be to manage this part of the ministry.  I'm comfortable with the things I will be doing, but there will be a learning curve as there is a lot to remember.  I do have help (from teammates and a Zambian accountant on staff), but please pray for me as this transition unfolds.

We are starting the 3rd book of Navigators 2:7 discipleship this week with the same group of pastors and church leaders we've been working with since last year.  It will continue for the next 12 weeks.   Pray for the class, that we would finish well.

Our good friends and teammates are headed back to America.  Graham, Sarah, Phillip & Rachel Melville will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6:50 am.  Graham has been a good friend and mentor to me and I will miss him dearly.  I'll post more on them very soon.

Well, I'm sure there is probably other stuff I could write, but I'll end it for now.  

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