Tuesday, June 30, 2009


(Grading of the Soccer Field)

Ciyanjano (Nyanja word for fellowship), is the name of our ministry center located just outside of town.  About 8 months ago, we temporarily closed the property up in an attempt to control some of the monthly costs until we were in a position to start developing the property.  Well, the time has come.  This week, we have had a team from California visiting.  Their project while they are here - start phase 1 development of Ciyanjano.

Action Zambia is a ministry that focuses on equipping local churches for the work to which God has called them to do here in Zambia.  We see the ministry center as a key to reaching this vision.  After development is completed, the property will be used for a variety of activities such as kids camps, pastor conferences, marriage seminars and possibly even some livlihood projects to help pastors and churches generate income.

Pit Latrine # 1

The team here has been wonderful.  They've been hard at work planting trees, digging a pit latrine, tearing down an old insaka, etc...  It's neat seeing a team from half way around the world catching onto and supporting the vision that God has given our team here in Zambia.

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